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DragonBot 5 Information

Information found herein, consists of the changes from version to version, upper most change where build revision reads xxx is yet to be uploaded and thus is not included in the current download.


Information is currently unavailable.

BATTLENET: You can now set your profile details through the profile window while viewing yourself.

BATTLENET: Command added, profile username, internal command, command can be placed in the custom access file as profile=.

BATTLENET: If the bot got disconnected from, and reconnects were off it wouldent turn on the connect button in the menu. issue fixed.

BATTLENET: Database case sensative problem resolved.

GENERAL: Battlenet userlist font switched to 8pt verdana.

GENERAL: Copyright has been moved to the battlenet richtext window.

GENERAL: URL Detection enabled.

GENERAL: Send chat textbox font size changed to 12pt Tahoma.

GENERAL: Listview font size changed to 11pt Tahoma.

GENERAL: Bot windows have changed from 3D to flat, figured what the hell.

BATTLENET: You can now save your custom channels, channels are saved to Channels.DAT, due to how DragonBot saves this file you will not be able to easily change the values in this file by hand.

BATTLENET: Double clicking a channel in the channel list will enqueue /join (selected channel).

BATTLENET: The public channel list will no longer be displayed after login, instead those channels are now added to the channel listing found through the menu, where you can now also add channels of your own.

MENU TAB: Menu items relating only to BattleNet etc. will now hide and unhide depending on the window you are viewing.

BATTLENET: Public product channels stating they are private now resolved.

BATTLENET: P flag bug fixed.

BATTLENET: ChannelFlags should now be showing the entire info on the channel upon joining channel.

BATTLENET: You can now set your custom flags for your commands through DATA\Access.DAT file in NOTEPAD. for security reasons I would leave (load/unload winamp as they are "A")

BATTLENET Database Command dbmodify updated, see commands text for details.

BATTLENET Database Overhaul, FLAG SYSTEM consists of charecters A->Z.

BOTNET Update, user should now be recieveing whispers from other users.

BOTNET Bugfix, reconnect timer would continue to count down after disconnecting manualy. and lower

BOTNET Update, text coming in from users should now be printing out fine.

BOTNET Update, Now follows the login with out violating the 4.1 protocol.

BOTNET Updated user Join readout for the 4.1 protocol.

BNET spelling mistake on user joined channel resolved heh.

IRC Email value is now used on login and is active in the setup.

IRC Quit Message should now be registering as QUIT messages and not LEAVE messages.

IRC Caption auto updates every cupple of minutes name,server,serverping

IRC mysterious disconnects not reconnecting, problem resolved.

IRC /nick command is working.

IRC Nick Changes are now updating the userlist.

IRC UserListing "should" be updating properly now...

IRC auto join channels now sends less data to the server.

IRC /leave now sets your top most channel to the active window, if only the system channel exists it will switch to that.

IRC /quit [message], done note server disconnects you after this send and since it does I set it so its considered a user dissconnect so it dosent try to reconnect.

IRC /whowas and /whois now processing messages as they should be.

IRC /w private messaging to and from users now working.

IRC can /join channel

IRC can /who channel

make sure you have an email set for the warcraft 3 account it requires it, no im not skipping it.

Warcraft 3, if a specified account dosent exist bot will now create it for you.

Bot is now running souly on LIBBNET.DLL

Removed every instance refering to BNCSUTIL.DLL

fixed a bug in the plug system where it would blatently send 50 space chars.

bot now sees if it has ops or not and those said commands in the userlist commands will turn on and off accordingly.

uptime plug updated for NON Win9X users, mind you if your on 9X you fail hard, it should go passed the eventuall overflow.

Turned the statstring parser back on, and added it to the tool tip screen aswell.

dbsearch command has been changed, see commands.txt for details.

In order to keep my sanity I cleaned up a massive chunk of the command processing unit as well as a good chunk of the Database class.

Multi commands at once has been enabled, formate of the list is command;command;command;command and so on.

botnet reconnect timer was hostile, not stoping trying to reconnect after a user disconnect problem resolved.

bnet mp3 internal commands will announce in emote if the bot is connected.

version command added, see commands.txt for details.

Removed Shadowflares MPQ dll in favor of storm 1.0.9. due to SFMPQ being made back in 2004.

IRC some system messages werent showing in the designated system channel, now they are.

Channel list bug where the system channel would delete itself upon disconnect has been resolved.

send text defaults to the active channel window.

IRC channel text are bound to their own channel now, to view it double click that said channel in the channel list.

IRC Channels you are currently in will show in the listview on the bottom right.

upon irc logon it will join all channels within your channel listing.

IRC Setup is complete for what it uses at the moment

IRC connection connects.

Debug window sent packet C->S now has a header saying which socket sent data.

Added a Friend list Menu to add, remove, promote, and demote somone in the channel list.

bug fix, tool tip would show oped users as CHAT upon recieveing their updated flag status, problem has been resolved.

Since vL BotNet is dead and I had the botnet server and port hard coded, if you know somone running the equiv. server you can now set the server host and port in the botnet configuration window.

downloading text spam removed, the downloading update text will now only update 1 line on the RTF.

Platform Forced selection has been removed, as it forces IX86 now regardless.

rebuild for stability purposes.

Functions of the previous listview have been re-activated see Interface commands for that functionality.

Currently turned off the statstring processor, for the time being statstring will show only the long name.

since I dont have a copy of my old change log guess I need a new one.

Setup window, Disabled PlatformID Due to only IX86 being supported.

Setup window, Disabled BNLS Checkrevision selection since its been busted since 2007 in here.

Supported List well that I have tested, SEXP, RATS, NB2W, 3RAW, PX3W

Corrected minor problem in the statstring processor, regarding warcraft 3 upon initial channel join at startup apparently you dont have a statstring to be processed eg it is "".

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